Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Ritter Burg

We've always been fans of making our burgers from scratch.  So much better that way.  I've learned a few tricks along the way too.

You can pile anything you'd like on yours, but we love experimenting with different cheeses, onions, and greens.  Plus, the real beauty with these burgers is in the ingredients, not just the toppings.

At the end of the day, there's nothing like home-made "Burgs" as we call them.

Ritter Burgs

1 pound beef (makes 3-4 burgs)
2 tbls soy sauce
1 tbls worcestershire sauce
1 tbls dried minced onion
1 tbls dried or fresh parsley
2-3 cloves garlic
1 egg
lots of salt and pepper

I added the first three ingredients to the beef.  No problem.

Note: use 80/20.  It makes the best burgs.  'Nuff said.

Add your parsley, salt and pepper.  I usually use dried parsley, but had some fresh- so why not?

And then...

Let's start over.  I came home from work not really wanting to cook/photo shoot.  I was tired, just wanted to eat.

Chris said "I think I need to give you your birthday gift!"  He's adorably terrible at holding surprises from me.  Love it.

Out he came with a BRAND NEW CHEF'S KNIFE!!!  The whole fam-damily pitched in.  He was right, that changed my tune!

Fast forward... I was back in cooking mode.  Admiring the knife, I started to chop the garlic.

"You know Chris, most knife accidents happen with dull knives."  Spoke too soon.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

We assessed the flesh wound and decided stitches weren't in order, but DANG THAT HURT.  It was like getting a brand new puppy who was so cute and lovable and perfect and OUCH- he can bite!!!

But, being a fan of CHOPPED, "the show must go on," and so must the glove.

Washed the knife and back to the garlic, with a little more caution.

Now we're ready for the egg to hold it all together.  I let Chris do the dirty work.

Form them into round patties and press a hole into them, not all the way through, but just enough.  Kind of a dimple.

This is because as the burgers cook the juices make them rise in the middle.  No one likes a tennis ball of a burgers on their bun.  They'll turn out MUCH flatter this way.

Throw 'em on the grill.

Inside and outside grills will cook differently.

About 4 minutes on each side.  Enough to get good grill marks.

We had some bacon cooking in the oven, along with some caramelized onions.

I'm always a fan of cheddar on a burg, but we tried out an Asiago.  Less sharp, but great tang with the sweetness of the onion and the saltiness of the bacon.

Crispy bacon is the only way to go.

I'm still perfecting my baked garlic fries.  Stay tuned.

First bite is always the best.


  1. Yum...:) I've been wanting a good homemade burger...

  2. Oh the bloody glove...haha...I was drooling up until the bloody glove photo--and then again after the bloody glove photo. Hehe. Love that you included that in the's true, people: This cooking legend is, in fact, HUMAN (and not afraid to admit it!) The burg looks like a taste bud's dream come true!

  3. that is so funny, Ariana, all's I could think of was OJ's bloody glove too!
    I really liked the hint about creating a slight dimple in the burger center. Can't wait to try that!
    One can never have too much parsley. It is probably the most healthy part on your plate. I always eat my "greens". Use kale just like parsley, that is a great green kick trick.
    Love from your Auntie Cheryl

  4. we are just making your burgs right now :)

  5. Thanks Noelle, sounds wonderful! Now I'm wondering how a burger would taste with kale thanks to Cheryl. My theory on the cut...when you're used to dull knives it can lead to mishandling a sharp one, using too much force ? maybe....

    1. This gift two years ago was my first "good knife" so learning how to deal with it had a learning curve haha. Now, the sharper the better, but it was a good handling lesson. And about the kale... I would do a bunless burger with sautéed kale, goat cheese and crispy onions... But haven't actually tried Cheryl's trick. I just LOVE kale!