Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Chris' Surprise" a.k.a. Perfect Eggs on Toast

Our first morning back from our honeymoon back in 2007, Chris set out to make me breakfast.

"Whatcha makin' me?" I asked.

"Surprise..." he said with a boyish grin.

I trusted him with breakfast that morning, and he's been sworn in as breakfast man ever since.

Eggs on toast became known as Chris' Surprise after that first day as a married couple in our own home.  The funny thing is, it's not a surprise any longer, but we still call it that.

"an old photo" of young Chris making breakfast with focus two months after we'd been married.

While I may be the food blogger, Chris' detail and perfection in the kitchen has been inspiring.  So many broken yoke in those early years.  He's now perfected the timing, the flip, the toasting and even HOW TO eat it.  

This is OUR FAVORITE way to make   Chris' Surprise

1/2 avocado
Several slices of jack cheese
Toast (we like cracked wheat sourdough)
Salt and Pepper

While your pan is heating and your toast is getting it's base toast in your oven (400 degrees), cut your avocado in half and then whack your knife into the pit.  It comes right out!

When your toast has a slight color to it, spread little slivers of the "av" on it.

Critical moment here!  Sprinkle some salt on the av!!!  You must maximize the taste for "flavor town" to happen (a little Guy Fieri for ya).

Evenly distribute the jack cheese.  Once again, while I'm a HUGE cheddar fan, but I love jack cheese with breakfast.

Grill pan is nice and hot.  Medium high heat.  Thank you to my WONDERFUL FRIEND ARIANA for this sweet birthday present!  I needed a new pan and she knows how much we love our eggs.

Spray pan lightly with non-stick spray.

Now, a lot of chefs crack the egg into a bowl before sliding it into the mix.  I think I've had ONE "bad egg" in my life of cooking.  I'll take the risk... and save a dish.

BUT... about cracking an egg.  Tap it modestly on the counter: flat surface.  Not a corner or edge of any sort.
Open it with crack on the top, so not to let the yoke slip through without your permission.  Note the hands in shape of a heart.  You'll remember now, seeing that we all LOVE a perfect yoke. :-)

Then turning the shell over the pan, open carefully.  Your drop needs to be as small as possible.  Hoover over the pan, but maybe with better form that Chris' camping photo. 

About 2 minutes on the first side should do the trick.  You want the whites to be just cooked.  

Then approach them with a good spatchula.  

Slide under the yoke and give them a gentle flip.  Turn off the pan.  Let them think they're cooking for another minute.  Really you're just securing the other side without cooking the yoke through.

Your toast should be done.  Just a few minutes should melt the cheese.

Add your salt and pepper with a little parsley garnish and you're good to go!

Chew slowly and enjoy every last bite.  You want to save a little yoke for each fork full.  You'll be surprised at how simple and good this is.  AND how quickly it disappears.


  1. Chris Rocks!!! Great looking eggs! I am sharing your post with my husband for a little inspiration. Wish me luck!!

  2. I've personally had this made for me. It rocks it's so simple!!!- Love Mom Lorrie