Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dining Out: Food Cart- Fernando's Mundo Fiesta, Portland OR

The Food Cart Revolution.  Food on wheels has been around for years, especially on the streets of major cities.  It may seem a little odd, but that's why their presence is renowned in Portland.

They are everywhere.  Hundreds of them adorn the neighborhoods here.  Food for cheap: fast, meat or meatless, on a stick or in a bowl, wrapped up, fancy, and from around the world.  It's a beautiful thing.

We took our new Oregonian friends to their first food cart experience.  There are literally SO MANY options, but little did we know nearly half are closed on the weekends.  Even with the few selections, we found a winner.

Fernando's seemed humble and unassuming but between the four of us we all found something to tickle our taste-buds.

Fernando was a simple guy.  A one man show.

Taylor went with the SOB burger- standard but excellent bacon and avocado burg.

Sneaking a fry.

Brit enjoyed a chipotle chicken Caesar wrap, minus the chipotle... but Fernando accommodated her.

I ordered the Kahlua pork sandwich with pepper jack cheese.  It was fabulous.

And Chris went with the over-the-top nacho burger- which is just as it sounds: all the fixin's of great nachos with a patty squeezed in there somewhere!  Oh, and bacon.

Note the cheesy chip sneaking out!
Maybe a bit messy for me, but Chris inhaled it.

Not bad for a sunny streetcar ride and quick lunch stop before heading to the market.  We simply had to balance out all those lovely fruits and veggies we were about to pick up!

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