Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tahoe Mountain Brewing Company, Tahoe City, CA

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My eyes have been trained.  I now note several things when approaching a new town: wine shops, grocery stores, golf courses and... BREWERIES.  Beer offerings can be so unusual- always so fun to taste.  When you stop at a winery, you at least have an idea of what a Cab might taste like.  Beer, dare I say it... can be even more complex.  More factors to hone in on.  Portland taught me great truths on beer assessment, and I feel my knowledge is barely scratching the foamy head surface on a fresh pint.

This place wasn't even on Google Maps or Urbanspoon.  Bran-spanking new.  We had to do the world a favor and check it out.  Tahoe Mountain Brewing Company.  Anytime a brew has "mountain" in it's name, I feel like it's gonna be good.  Maybe that's because I love Double Mountain so much...

Chris and brother Grant on their first taste after a Tahoe ride up to Squaw Valley.
It was family vacation time and while we are usually on somewhat of a schedule, my father (to his credit) "plans for spontaneity" in the day for stuff like beer tasting.

The "Hoppy" Line Up
We did a flight of what they were pouring that day.  In my opinion, they were given in random order. But all the more for a lively taste.  Plus, in Tahoe there are really no rules to follow anyway.  You're on vacation.

Of the five being served that day, Hopped Up Monk was the winner.  A Belgium style dark ale, with plenty of hops and aroma to live up to it's name.  It's aged, traditionally fermented and cellared the way the Monks do it.

Dolly Varden was a memorable one as well... lighter in body, but with plenty of funk to please.

A pleasant restaurant setting was behind us, but we enjoyed the bar and chatting it up with the bar tender- very friendly and interested in all our vacation activities.

So head out and support this new joint!  This place is right on the hwy 89.  When coming up the I-80 route to North Shore, it's a short turn South when you get to the water (to the right, away from Incline) into Tahoe City.  It will be on your none lake side.

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