Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dining Out: Double Mountain Brewery, Hood River, OR

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Sausage Onion and Mushroom Pizza
Restaurants and movies hold similar policies for me.  I rarely watch the same movie twice... unless 1)  friends really want to watch again, or 2) it was just so great, I end up watching it again and again, quoting its lines each time.

There are so many restaurants out there, and I rarely commit to one.  There's always somewhere new to try!  But every now and again, you find one that beckons you back and there's only one reasonable thing to do.  OBEY.

Double Mountain Brewery was one the first recommendations we got when we moved to Portland.  Then we learned it was an hour away.  Why not make a day out of it?  We didn't know any different.

I'll never forget that first experience in Hood River.  We drove all the way around Mt. Hood.  Stopping for a lovely hike to a small lake, the rest of the trip was spent in awe at the beauty we were discovering.  We were quickly growing proud to call the Portland area our new home.  Hungry, sweaty, and dirty we stumbled into the well known watering hole of Double Mountain Brewery back in August of 2010.

It was a hoppin' place for a Thursday at 4:00pm.  Just your average joes, people in their "river gear" kids running around, friends sharing a pitcher... we snuck into the scene and tried to act like we belonged.

The pizza came out fast because it was done in their brick-oven, faithfully crafted New-Haven Connecticut style at 700 degrees for just a few short minutes.  Thin crust, perfect char, fire flavor... everything a pizza should be in my opinion.

And their beer.  People wear their logo T-shirts all over Portland, but you can only get it on tap out of a few local places, but other than that, it's only in-house.  Seasonal and the favorites, they are all spectacular.

Every time we go, I get caught up in the moment and forget to take photos so this post includes SEVERAL different trips.  We've probably been there a dozen times now, with each visit worth it every time.

Pouring a little Indian Red Ale
The IRA and Hop Lava are some of our favorite brews.

It's a small joint with limited out door seating, but if you can get a table it's something to raise a glass to.

It's a small menu, but that makes ordering easier.  Everything is good, so I've heard.  We can't help but order the pizza everytime.

The crust is perfect.  The sauce is the right ratio.  I'm drooling right now.  "Chris, get my keys!"

Even the classic Margarita Pizza is undeniable.  It's just so well done, and you can taste the freshness.

If you can time your visit with a sunset drive home back to Portland along Hwy 84, you may never move anywhere else.  It's our favorite drive.  Bellies full.  Hearts satisfied.  Creation at it's finest - plate then view.  It's my favorite Portland day trip.

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  1. We have the same restaurant policies, you and I! Cheers to finding the places we adore.