Saturday, October 15, 2011

Marchesi Vineyards and Winery, Hood River, OR

We stumbled on this little gem about a year ago.  Franco, Italian wine maker with an authentic accent, greeted us with a sampling of salami and bread and poured us our first wine.  We were about to enter little Italy at Marchesi Vineyard and Winery.

When asking of his story of wine making, he encouraged us to take a seat as he poured more wine and began to tell of his childhood in Piedmont and his wine-making grandfather Achille.  Hood River was an easy choice for Franco because of the similarities in soil and climate compared to Northern Italy; it's even a similar latitude actually.

It's a quaint little tasting room.  We've visited at all times of the year.  My photos displayed span between November and April.  But no matter the season, Franco's wine will warm your soul, as will his stories.

Our favorite wine is his Sangiovese which he named Emma.  Simply fabulous.  I was hoping for a romantic story of who this "Emma" was, as all of his wines are named after (mostly) women.  He shrugged and said she was the nanny.  He just gave it to us like it was.  Just like a real Italian.  No need to dress up the story.  The wine needed no story.  It stood on its own just fine.

Marchesi puts out only Italian varietals.  The Barbara presents a lovely nose, nice spice, and great finish.

Their resident cat will keep you warm on the chillier days.

Chris wants one of these in his stocking this year... riiiiight.
Salami is eternally sliced.  Seriously so good.  Pretty sure it's imported.

Mom and Dad discussing their recent trip to Italy.  They said they were "transported".
This little tasting room is a must.  Unassuming.  Authentic.  GREAT vino.

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  1. I sooo want to go there. Is there a place to stay near by?