Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dining Out: The Waffle Window, Portland, OR

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Oh how we miss Portland!   This little nook of a best kept secret in Portland was one of our last dining out experiences in PDX before our big move to California.  You know those Gruplivingsoshresturdailydealeos that we all buy and then takes months to redeem?  Why did we wait so long on The Waffle Window?!

Precious.   Home-style.  Creative.  Very Portland.

Whether you are a local looking for brunch on a lazy Sunday, or a tourist looking for an inexpensive "totally Portland" treat, this place is perfect.

Clearly, they are known for their waffles.  Savory and sweet.  And don't think you can just decide on one... cause you can't, it's impossible.

There is indoor and outdoor seating.  We were so enchanted by the Spring day and the flowers in bloom, we opted for the outdoor seating.

Step 1: Order at the window.

Step 2: Get your own water at the fancy water station.

Step 3: Dream about how good it's gonna taste, meanwhile thinking you should have ordered those three other waffles that you decided against.

Step 4: The waffles comes sooner than expected! WOW, that was fast!

Step 5: Survey the scene. Hold your husband off, so you can snap a few quick photos.

Farm Fusion: mushroom, bell pepper, spinach, tomato and marinated chevre.  Savory veggies on top of a sweet waffle.  The chevre adds the creaminess. Farm to table tummy... right now!

The Three B's: pepper BACON, melted BRIE, fresh BASIL on a waffle dipped in house-made peach jam.   Holy heaven!  I hope this is served in heaven.

And then for dessert. Haha... dessert at breakfast!

Banana and Nutella. Classic combo.  Better than you think.  It's all about that waffle!

Step 6: Consume generously and without guilt.  There will be no need for lunch.

The Portland food scene, oh how I loved thee.

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