Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Brie and Fig Crostini with Rosemary (and my) Honey

There are apps for this sort of thing. You know- enter what you have left in your fridge and it will supposedly spit out your meal options. I dare you to use your own brain. Think texture. Think sweet. Think salt. Then think of seasoning that could tie it all together.

I used leftover figs, leftover bread and leftover cheese for this. If you are really struggling, there's always Google.

The point is... sometimes what's in the fridge is not "exciting" but a memory of a meal may be waiting to happen.

I can remember the first time I tasted warmed brie cheese. Back in 2005. With "my honey."

I went to school in LA and Chris went to school in San Diego. Much of our dating life resulted in dinner rendezvous and beach DTRs ("Define The Relationship" talks) in and around San Clemente and Laguna Beach, CA. I know... really rough.

But on a particular day, we decided to go East and meet halfway off THE 15. Get it, Nor Cal-ers? THE... Anyway... California joke.

We met up at a winery somewhere near Temecula... more for the romance- not into wine at this stage. I remember it was Winter because the vines were gnarled and bare. They were beautiful even out of season.

Winter vines have come to represent love for us, as were married in February 2007, and visit wineries near our anniversary. We taste such good wine while looking out onto rolling hills of sticks- no green. But we all know what's coming. Come spring, there will be growth again and then fruit. So many metaphors in the vine. Marriage, like the vine will have it's seasons. Winters can be brutal long and Summers can be hot, to everything there is a season and some of the best grapes marriages are grown in difficult climates.

Being in love with me as he was that day, Chris let me order whatever I wanted. I ordered baked brie with berries and crostini. We were licking the dish. It was so good. That was the day I discovered baked brie.

Look at those gorgeous curls. And on the grill! I wasn't letting him go anytime soon. And to think he grills vegetables now too!

We really had so much fun dating. And we still have this much fun! Marriage... we highly recommend it.

Okay, back to leftovers. Make them a beautiful thing. In college, we lived off of leftovers. And look how happy one two can be?!

Brie and Fig Crostini with Rosemary and Honey 
(Inspired by

Crusty bread sliced into portions good for 2-3 bites, approx 8.

1/4 wheel of soft brie cheese

2 plump figs

1 sprig fresh rosemary

2 tbls honey

Turn on your broiler. Get a light toast on your bread without anything on it yet. Just a few minutes... don't walk away.

Cut your fig into fourths or sixths. I love fig. Such an unassuming little fruit, but so yummy in my tummy. They are kind of like avocados, in that they don't look like much on the outside but when you get to the interior it's a whole 'nother story!

Now it's time to melt that cheese! Back to the broiler.

Just until the cheese starts to get soft and bubbly.

At this point, leftovers look great! But... let's make it a little sexier.

Mix your 2 tbls spoons of honey with your rosemary (chopped). Love this piney herb.

Then drizzle on top of hot cheese.

Now that's what I call leftovers! Champagne anyone?!


  1. Seriously Noelle. That look amazing. It looks so simple too. Gah. I am jealous of your cooking skills. By the way. I am most definitely going to tell my foodie friends about your blog, and the recipe. (insert my excited hands/ shoulder gesticulations). :)

    1. awww I miss you excited hands! i need to do more of that! in and out of the kitchen!