Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Perfect Guacamole

Now I understand we all have our reasons for why we think our guacamole is best. Open your mind for a minute and let me present my case. And if you are still not convinced after my argument then... well... I'm pregnant and craving Mexican and you don't want to argue with this cook! Okay, okay... I welcome comments :-) I apologize for my feistiness.

So about these cravings- I've made guac about 8 times this month. Breakfast burritos in the morning, taco salad for lunch, enchiladas and tortilla soup for dinner! I can't get enough! And we have been celebrating avocados this week because Baby Ritter is the size of an avocado.

Also, it's football season! And when your team is not playing well, it's time to focus on the food at hand, (Cowboys, let's pick it up!) and good guac is a staple game day food.

So here is why I think my guac is the best:

1) Moderately chunky! Some people don't even mash, it's more of a avocado salad. Some people puree, but I'm not dipping into baby food here (not yet at least). I want to see the av, but I want some creaminess as well.

2) Red onion- provides crunch and sweet heat. I've used dried minced, yellow, green- all were fine, but RED WAS PERFECT.

3) Lime juice: lemon is okay, but lime screams Mexican. It's brightens it perfectly and gives that zip. Acid is a must have in quac.

4) SALT AND PEPPER: Avocado begs, yes I said BEGS for salt and pepper. I'm all about the healthy fat, but let's make it taste good too! Poorly seasoned guac is just not worth it. If you see me go for the salsa on the second chip- you'll know the problem. It shouldn't taste salty, but it should taste seasoned. If you're just "not sure" than you are probably not adding enough. It will POP when it's ready.

5) You can add a chile pepper, cayenne, cilantro, tomato and other ingredients, but it's so important not to hide the avocado! Let Your Av Shine!

Without further adieu:

Perfect Guacamole (makes enough for 4 people, snacks and taco topping)

3 avocados

1/4 diced red onion

the juice of 1 whole lime

2 garlic cloves, minced

Plenty of Salt and Pepper

Slice your avs in half. Then doing a quick-chop motion with your knife into the pit, a little twist and the pit will come out. Keep one for guac preservation. Despite all of the suggested ways to keep guacamole fresh and green, I believe keeping the pit in the mixture is the most helpful.

Next, slice up the avs to make the fork mashing a little easier.

Add your diced red onion and minced garlic.

Squeeze in your lime juice. I always forget I have this tool. Not a necessity but very helpful when you get a disobedient and hard citrus.

Salt and pepper time! I know you can't see the salt, but there's about the same amount of salt as there is visible pepper.

Using a fork, give it a good mashing. Small lumps are good. Large chunks are no good.

Taste for salt.

Seriously, the best guac. Do you have a recipe you use every time? I'd love to hear about it. After all, if this Mexican craving kick continues, I will have lots of opportunity to try them!

Viva La Avocado!


  1. Im sooooo going to make this! I think I'll have my hubby go to Sprouts tomorrow and get some avos :D

  2. Household hint for making squeezing recalcitrant citrus easier: If you're not opposed to using a microwave (several of my yoga buddies avoid it like the plague), put a whole lime or lemon in the microwave, with turntable off (:)) and microwave at medium to low for 15-30 secs, depending on size of fruit. Works like a charm!