Monday, August 20, 2012

We'll take a table for THREE please!!!

I'm happy to announce that we'll be adding another chair to our Joyful Table. :-)

Shorting after telling our visiting friends Ruben and Kat from Portland. 
Chris and I are elated, shocked, giddy and totally foreign to all of these feelings. A baby! What are we getting into?! A new adventure, that's for sure. So much for taking on canning, new seafood and other culinary challenges... pretty sure parenting may top it all!

Chris has been a champ in catering to my sickness and lack of cooking... serving me snacks in bed and agreeing to go out for Mexican several days a week (it's just so rough for the guys... right?!)

I apologize ahead of time for gaps of time in posting. To say I'm in love with food right now would be a bold faced lie. These are rather new feelings I've been having while in the kitchen... lacking motivation to cook, unsure of what I am hungry for, and not wanting anything but... crackers?  But knowing this is all for BABY Ritter, makes it worth it.

Lucky for you, I have some FANTASTIC recipes and photos that are lined up... I just have to get a hold of my health before I get consistent again. Stay tuned and thank you ahead of time for the support.

If you are interested in a video of how we told my parents at Sterling Vineyards in Napa... check out this clip.

-The Joyful Table... of Three


  1. We're so thrilled, Noelle!!! I can't wait to meet this little one!!

  2. Congrats! I know just how you feel. I'm almost 4 months pregnant with my first and just now starting to feel like I can be in the kitchen again. Mexican food and pizza are my top cravings.