Friday, August 3, 2012

Embarrassingly Simple: White Chocolate Dipped Cherries with Vanilla Bean

I have a secret love affair with vanilla beans.

They are so worth it every time. It's not just about the cute speckles... but the richness of aroma. I'm so inclined to this lovely bean, that when wine tasting you may commonly hear me say "mmmmm... I'm getting a little vanilla on the nose." Chris likes to say I'm always getting vanilla on the nose.

This recipe came from the beloved notwithoutsalt food blog. The post had me at "vanilla bean."

"Chris, that was Tom Cruise in Jerry McGuire, right?"

"Show me the money!!!"

"no... well yes... more like, You had me at hello?!"

Guys always remember the epic lines, girls remember the romantic moments. That's what makes it a classic I guess.

Embarrassingly simple.

Three ingredients. Fruit covered in chocolate. Fast and painless.

1 lb. lovely cherries

1 fresh vanilla bean. 6 oz. white chocolate.

Notwithoutsalt used the "microwave every 20 seconds and stir" method.

I'm inclined to the double boiler: heat-safe bowl resting over simmering water in large pot.

Slice vanilla bean and scrape seeds.

Add seeds to melted chocolate.

Cherry, meet vanilla-chocolate. They're a blended family.

Dippity dip.

Allow to cool on wax or parchment paper.  Keep in fridge till ready to serve.

Cant you see yourself popping one after another into your mouth while watching the Olympics late at night?

The answer is yes.

Onto your plate or into a bowl. They stuck their landing! A perfect 10!


  1. A couple of years ago we went to a chef's class on a cruise ship that featured vanilla beans in everything. The dish I most remember was a creamy shrimp salad....with vanilla bean. Yummy!

  2. always liked gymnastics! easy yummy simple! love it...I gotta use my vanilla bean!!!

  3. So simple and yet so decadent!

  4. Sounds delish! I will have to try this week! :)