Saturday, August 6, 2011

Back In Action: Alaskan Cruise Eating Highlights and Inspiration


Hello out there.  I have been VERY busy with work and summer activities.  To cap it all off Chris and I just returned from a fabulous Alaskan Cruise with our friends and family.  I know, it's our first summer in Portland and where do we choose to go?  But it was a week to remember.  Such beauty, nature and of course good food and drink!

Here's a little taste of our week, and I promise that
recipes are coming soon.  I really have missed blogging.  Enough slacking, it's time to get back in the apron.  But first I give you Alaska!

By The Glass

Alaskan Brewery Tasting
"At Sea" Day Activities: Mojito Making and Tasting
Grasshopper... dangerous.  Think Girl Scouts' Thin Mints.
The winner of the margarita tasting: Fuzzy Navel
Definition vacation

Main Dish Memories

The salmon were plentiful.  The hatchery made me hungry.  Is that bad?
The seafood was abundant: Cioppino with Sourdough Crostini 
Offerings of various cuts of steak each night.  Chris was in heaven

Tasty veggie risotto
Creative Salads: Nicoise with Tuna and Potato

Unlimited Desserts

Coconut Souffle with warm Mango sauce (and mother's model hand)
Peach Tartlet  
Classic Tiramisu 
Coconut Cake with Blackberry sauce
 Thoughtful brother-in-law never wanting us to go hungry
Random stop in Prince Rupert, Canada.
Not much to do there but get a sour cream donut with maple glaze at Tim Horton's

Family Vacation Dining Snapshots
Contemplative Caesar Salad
Enjoying her every bite
Studying the waiter's table tricks
Always too much fun with these two.
Delightful mother/daughter time.
My kind of slurpee

Too bad our computers aren't scratch and sniff.  This week of food and wine was inspiring and I really missed cooking.  Fabulous summer recipes coming this week! Bon Voyage Appetit!

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  1. What a wonderful time that must have been, with your loved ones on a cruise ship! Wow, has Grant ever grown up to be a young man! That's the same teenager who made copies for me at the high school?! An Alaskan Cruise is on our radar, sometime in the near future. One has to pack stretch pants to survive a week of so much food. It'll be fun to see what recipes you post. Welcome back.