Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dining Out: Pine State Biscuits, Portland OR

As I'm typing this, a young black lab is staring me down with a soggy tennis ball.  We've been pet-sitting all week off of Belmont for some friends.  Needless to say, food writing and photography has not been the priority.  Dog walks, treats, and puppy kisses have taken precedent.  More tasty recipes coming soon (lots of summer picnic dishes).  Until then, a little dining out in this South East neighborhood.

We first heard about Pine State back in Sacramento while watching Diners, Drive-ins and Dives with Guy Fieri.

We visited the smaller location on 36th and Belmont.

Chris- not always about the photo opps, but always about the food.

And when I say smaller, I mean smaller.  This location included the kitchen and seating for about 12.  We we were so close to the table next to us, we chatted with them the whole time.  Now if that's not your style, that's cool.  But if it's the Portland way "to eat good food and get to know your neighbor while doing it," then I'm a fan.

It was just a couple of young guys running the show.  I caught the gravy in action.

I went for the Chatfield: with fried chicken, bacon and cheese topped with apple-butter bedded between a fluffy biscuit.  Yes, we rode our bikes there. :-)

Chris went for the Reggie Deluxe-highlighting their famous gravy.

On our way out I found where Guy signed the wall (classic move) and of course like any good Portland institution, they put it a bird on it.

Definitely hit this place up.  Go at 7am and beat the crowds.  Otherwise, there might be a line that stretches to our house.  We would feed you if that's the case, but my gravy won't come close to Pine State's.