Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dining Out: Nana's Irish Pub, Newport, OR

Some of you may be planning a day on the coast soon- if you happen to be on the Oregon coast and you happen to be in Newport, you may want to skip (or do a jig) on over to Nana’s Irish Pub.

Entering with great friends is always the way to any great dining experience
We were a “bunch of messers” as they say in Ireland (a.k.a. a rowdy group interfering in the name of good fun) as we all paraded down to Nana’s after watching our East coaster friend Bobby Krier cross the finish line of the Newport Marathon.  It was the most beautiful day of 2011 that Oregon had seen yet.

the finisher and his lady, hydrating.
We proceeded to engage in quite a “Hooley” of a time.  For all of you Non-Guinness drinking types, a Hooley is defined as “a party or celebration, usually with drink taken.  It frequently features entertainment, typically music and dancing.”  At this point, we all felt like we had run a marathon with how hungry we were.  Really Bobby was the only one that earned it, but we were all ready for a meal of celebration.

A colorful pub

Just in case you decide to stay for another brew

The real deal for cookware

OK, enough with my Irish slang, let's talk food!

Oh wait, that's not food.  But still worth noting.

Within my arm's reach was:

Briget's Chicken Pot Pie loaded with traditional pot pie filling with a chardonnay cream sauce and a perfect flaky crust.

A pipin' hot Nana's Cheese Steak Sandwich did not disappoint with it's mess of peppers and onions amidst the perfectly flavored beef with side of slaw.

And lastly their Bunratty Reuben with their hand cut famous corned beef that they make in house topped with braised cabbage and Swiss on a delicate rye toast.

What a splendid little pub in a cute coastal town.  And yes, we walked back to the cottage.

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  1. Hey that's me! hahaha....that place was legit!