Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Banoffee Pie (WARNING: banana explosion!)

Sweet toffee caramel meets banana cream?!   I had never heard of this goodness, but when I partook of “just a small slice” at a Western women and wives event- that was it.  I knew I had to make it for Thanksgiving!  We were gonna switch it up this year!

Banoffee Pie  recipe compliments Janice Ma

Who are we kidding with a “just a small slice?”  It’s a nice way of saying
“I’m not sure if it will be worth my calories for the day, but I don’t want to offend.”  This pie will make you want THREE small slices.  And to those of you wearing your holiday weight watch badge of honor- just remember the fruit part is all natural!  J

So in came the email from my new friend Janice recently moved from Hong Kong (I’d befriend anyone who made this pie for me by the way).  I was so excited, but that was only the beginning… then I read on.  

Words like “open very carefully,” and “to prevent explosion.”  Oh my… this was going to be an experiment for sure.

First for the crust.  You can buy one already made, but since it was Thanksgiving and Grandma was there to help, we made one from Betty Crocker’s 10th Edition cookbook.  It’s my “go to” book for sure.

1 1/2 cups finely crushed regular graham crackers (about 20 squares)
1/3 cup butter melted
3 tbs sugar

Grandma's hard work

Heat oven to 350.

Combine ingredients well then press mixture into bottom and sides of pie tin or glass.

Bake 10 minutes or until lightly browned.  Let cool.

2-3 bananas
1 14oz can sweetened condense milk
1 cup heavy whipping cream
2 tablespoons icing sugar
sprinkling of cocoa powder


curious little can

Remove the label from milk can and place can (do NOT open) in a pot, cover with water completely and bring to boil.  Boil for three hours (two and a half minimum).  

WARNING!!!  Be careful to make sure the can does not ever show itself at the surface (i.e. more water the better) or else the can may explode!

THEN, after you’ve taken a nap, showered, read a book, watched an episode on foodnetwork and painted your toes, CAREFULLY take can out and place in the sink to cool for at least 10 min.

Then when you’ve mustered up enough courage, (Chris and Grandma standing by with pot covers as though they were shields) open the can very carefully.   

the miracle

BIG SIGH… this was SO much easier than I thought.  And who would have thought this is what happens to sweet and condensed milk when boiled in a can for three hours?!

Then spread half of the lusciousness onto the pie crust, arrange a layer of sliced bananas on top, then drizzle a little more of the caramel on top of the banana layers.  I cut my bananas long and thin to build them on each other.

finishing touches

Whip the cream with sugar and spread on top of filling.  Finish by dusting with cocoa powder.

With some free time, this was the easiest pie I’ve ever made. 

Dad called the last piece for himself, being the banana lover he is.  Funny little story is that we recently pondered to my parents “isn’t it interesting that Dad and (sister) Whitney both LOVE banana anything.”  They finally gave up the secret that because little Whitney took a little longer to decide on flavors and food decisions, Dad suggestively, over the years, convinced Whit that her favorite was Dad’s favorite- so he could always share with somebody.  Haha the suggestive lawyer he is, at least it was for something worth it, like this wonderful fruit!  Oh Whit, I know you make great food decisions on your own now! (like reading my blog) 

kiss and tell

Next time we’ll save you a slice, but this holiday Dad took the cake pie!

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  1. how do you get those boys to pose? laffed out loud at the kissing of the pie