Friday, December 14, 2012

Dining Out: MacDuff's Pub, South Lake Tahoe, CA

We got our first frost last night.  Sounds silly, but it's a big deal down here in Suburban Roseville.  You know everyone will be all bundled as they hit the malls this afternoon, crossing more Christmas items off their lists.

In case this frosty weather is enticing you up to Tahoe for a ski at Heavenly, you might want to stop in (or end the day at) MacDuff's Public House.

Upon our recent trip to South Lake Tahoe, we needed a restaurant that would meet particular criteria:

Good food.

Good drink.

Stay warm.

Has football on.

And possesses "character."

That last one was important to me.  Dining is not just about the food, it's about the experience.

We stumbled onto MacDuff's Pub.  It looked cozy and unassuming.  I was craving a hot bowl of soup.

Blue skies, snow on the ground.  We had already done enough adventuring for the day, it was time to relax and watch some football.

Plus... some of us were getting a little hungry.  And NO ONE was gonna stop 'em!

The restaurant layout was interesting.  The kitchen was downstairs.  It smelled so good.  Everyone from within was very friendly and directed us upstairs to the seating area.

The tables were uniquely spaced.  The chairs will filled with what appeared to be mostly locals (you could tell by their casual plaid shirts in compared to our jackets/mittens/hats, when to South Lakers it was a sunny day of 29 degrees!)  There were about four to five HUGE flat screens with different games on, everyone was engaged and merry.  We were immediately very impressed.

Drink menu carried plenty on draft and supported local wineries.  Food menu hosted normal pub fare as well as some of their signature burgers and pizzas with a Scottish feel to them.

We fancied their clam chowder.

As well as their take of french onion soup.

There was also a round of burgers for our table: this one was their "Triple B" which was most excellent.  I usually judge a pub place by their fries.  Their fries passed with flying colors.

Definitely making the stop again next time we're up.  Thank you MacDuff's!

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