Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dining Out: Hash House A Go Go, San Diego, CA

Hash House A Go Go.  Don't knock a restaurant just cause it has five words in the name.  They coined their style "twisted farm food."  It doesn't get any cooler than that in San Diego, CA.

Obviously visiting in July, Chris decided to sport his Rainbows, feeling right at home in his old college stomping grounds.  We love this city.

When Chris and I first started dating, I would drive down from LA on a Saturday morning and we would start our day with a breakfast date (still my favorite kind) to Hash House A Go Go.  When visiting this summer, we just had to go back for old times sake.  It's still busier than ever, and for good reason.  Always plan on a line.  It's so worth the wait though, so don't get discouraged.  Stick it out.

Their logo is a tractor, placing memorable emphasis on the "farm food."

If the fog holds off, out door seating is lovely.  It's casual and friendly.  As the food comes out of the main doors, heads turn to see if it's "their turn" to receive the twisted offerings.

They are known for so many dishes.  Our favorites are their over-sized pancakes of unique combos.  We usually ordered the banana brown sugar pancake but sprung for the granola with seasonal berries combo.  OH MY.  Chris knew what he was getting from the moment we booked our flights.

Probably seven years after our first Hash House experience, we're still in love and still LOVING the food.

(Funny to think I was pregnant in this shot, but didn't know it yet!)

I ordered the Eggs Benedict (my favorite breakfast order anywhere) with their unique red bell pepper hollandaise.   Note the "small" rosemary tree growing out of mine.  

These plates could FEED A FARM!

Oh Hash House A Go Go... you did it again!


  1. I've been to the one in Vegas. It's a great place!

    1. Wonderful! I feel like every great restaurant eventually plants an extension in Vegas- the quickly growing restaurant capital of the nation I feel!