Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dining Out: Huber's, Portland OR


Huber's: Portland's oldest restaurant.  We're slowly exploring every plate in Portland.  This was Chris' choice for his birthday dinner out with my folks in town.  This is the difference between us- I probably would have chosen something more modern, but it was HIS birthday, and in the end I'm so glad it was.

At the corner of 1st and Alder resides an unassuming "cafe" that's not much of a cafe except for their famous flaming Spanish coffee made table-side creatively different between each waiter.  After venturing down a hall way lined with black and white photos of the early Portland street scenes and year markers such as the Flood of 1948 you'll find a door that transports you back in time.  Huber's is still thriving.

Chris is a self-proclaimed fried calamari expert.  We're still on the hunt for the best.  (Any suggestions out there?)  To date, Mangos at the Arden Hills Resort and Spa in Sacramento, CA may hold the title.  But we always try it wherever we go.

It did not disappoint.

We also had the smoked salmon appetizer.  With a light schemer of cream cheese and those little capers- wonderful.

Chris ordered the Rib-eye.

I had their famous special that they've been making since the beginning of time: the turkey dinner.  Thanksgiving style.  Killer mashed potatoes and gravy.  I did the split order of turkey and ham.  Double whammy.

Dad ordered the Stroganoff and didn't say a word the entire dish.  He was way too busy enjoying it.  The garlic was fantastically present and the caramelized onion presented the beef flawlessly.

Our specials came with dessert.  As if we had room.  I was SO impressed with the old fashioned bread pudding topped with a whiskey-caramel sauce.  I made room for this one.  OMG.

And the tiramisu was gobbled up as well.  This one was pretty good... definitely classic.  My personal fave is still at Lorenzo's.  Check out my take here.

I would recommend Huber's to any good Portland eater.  You should come with an appetite though.  Lots of food.  And it's ALL good too.  A few times I caught myself closing my eyes, imagining what it was like to sit at the bar back in the 40's and order a cocktail.  Huber's carries Portland's legacy proudly and with honor.

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