Monday, May 30, 2011

Dining Out: Food Cart- Lucy's Original, Portland OR


Lucy's Original

There are SO many places to choose from when it comes to dining in Portland.  I've decided that repeated recommendation is the way to go.  The Portland food bloggers LOVE this place.  We're talking multiple times in a weekend- like they couldn't get enough of the best street-food burger they had ever had!  We simply had to check it out for ourselves.

Making a second appearance in Portland Palates as renowned food critics, Whitney (snacker extraordinaire) and Jeffrey (always fueling) joined us on our adventure to Lucy's.

Like some food-carts, they do roam, so you'll want to check them out on Twitter for their current location.  We found them on Mississippi Ave nestled in a small lot of it's own: 3925 N Mississippi Ave- a common spot for them.

They had just enough options, something for everyone, which is crucial to good street food.  You want to be able to make a quick decision.

They are famous for stuffing the cheese inside their burgers, pouring out melted goodness after your first big bite.

Whit and Jeff placing their order.  Note classic Portlander to the right, waiting patiently for his burger while jamming to his tunes.

Be ready to wait patiently.  A good thing takes time.  These burgers are made to order with quality beef and toppings.

Sister banter.
"Crickles" and "The Pineapple Express"

And then, finally... they were ready.

Chris' Pineapple Express came with a unique peanut sauce and grilled pineapple.  Check out the white cheddar coming out of the center!  He was nearly done by the time I got out my camera.

"Crickles" was fabulous with the home-made sauces, avocado and tender patty.

As if we needed a mood booster after such divine burgers, a rather odd band "did their thing" right next door. I'm always pleased when "the real Portland experience" shows up for our out of town guests.  I think we'll be returning here again soon.

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