Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Winery: Bethany Vineyard and Winery, Ridgefield, WA

You know it's good when you visit twice in one month.

Bethany Vineyard and Winery was an impressive find.  We heard the wine was worth the stop and the wine-maker was like no other.  Walt - he won us over from the moment we walked in.

Walt's been making wine since he was 14 and does it well.  He's a genuine guy who likes what he does and can find a wine for anybody walking in for a taste, which is hard to do.

Their wide selection caught my eye, ranging from interesting blends, sophisticated reds as well as whatever Walt decided to open that day: his personal stash of his "lunch chardonnay" or his "old time blackberry wine."  Their tasting menu changes weekly just to keep you on your toes.

Cellar room at Bethany.

I love wine art.

Check out this clock!  So cool.

The grounds are spacious and inviting- even in the winter time.  Bethany has been known to hold concert venues of all types.  We can't wait to rock out or relax back in the Spring and Summer, glass in hand no doubt.

Hand built stone work.

Very friendly and unassuming.  Washington... you did it again!

Check them out online here

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  1. looks beautiful! can't wait to possibly visit with you one day!