Thursday, January 4, 2018

Salsa Verde Pork (Pressure Cooker or Instant Pot recipe!)

New Year, same kitchen.  But new recipes? I think so!

I know all of you got Instant Pots for Christmas.  I'm so excited to share this recipe, because it's honestly an original that came into being over multiple attempts to become perfect for your joyful table.  AND IT IS SO SIMPLE.  Well, I guess that is the point to pressure cooking.

I know the holidays are now a faint memory as we press into a new calendar year, but here's where I've been: hosting, cooking and getting my Lego build on.  

Colt's Lego version of a holiday meal at our house.  Why did Daddy get the smile and wine goblet and I get the crazy hair?
For as many occasions that needed to feed a crowd that came this fall/winter, I needed a new go-to Mexican recipe that I could make in my sleep.  And on the cheap.  And freezes well.  And that both kids and adults will go crazy for.  Found it!


5-6 pounds of pork shoulder (butt) cut into large pieces
1 jar of Salsa Verde (I LOVE the one pictured above)
1 tbls garlic powder
1 tbls salt
1 tbls pepper
3-4 tbls fresh lime juice (yes... my homegrown limes are yellow and hold a TON of juice)
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup cilantro (optional)

I was gifted a top of the line pressure cooker when I went on maternity leave with MJ.  Why in the world I waited so long to fall in love with that thing, I will never know.  I guess I was nervous.  Those things used to be so dangerous!  Maybe I wanted to get completely educated before committing?  I saw it as a long term relationship?  Well, I'm happily married over here now, and there's no turning back.  Pressure cooking is awesome and has changed my entire cooking/hosting/momming world.

The pork... if you get it in the whole shoulder form, slice into large pieces (no bone).  At Costco, they do this for you and call it Country Pork.  Really inexpensive too.

So add your pork, and 1/2 the salsa, the juice of 1 of your limes, and then remaining ingredients.  No need to stir necessary.  (The remainder of the salsa and limes is for after cooking)

Put lid on and heat to high pressure.

Once pressure is achieved, turn down and cook for 45 min.

Use a "natural release," and let cool off the burner, opening pressure cooker after about 10-15 min.

Remove pork in chunks and shred with a fork like you would for carnitas.  Discard any large fat pieces.  You won't need the leftover cooking liquid either.

Once pork is shredded, top with remaining salsa and extra lime.  Add salt and pepper to taste, but it should be pretty flavorful already.  Top with cilantro! Mmmmmm

I made this pork multiple times over the holidays and it feeds a crowd and then some!  Both Colton and Mackenzie go crazy for it, and let's be honest... that's the deal breaker!  Those kids keep me so busy, but I'm honored to be momma and personal chef to them.  You're lucky they are even letting me share this recipe!  They will probably want it when they move out of the house, so that's motivation enough to write it down.  And also for you dear readers out there, of course!

Serve in bowl style with brown rice and black beans with all the fixin's.

Fill a burrito with it with plenty of fresh veg.

I like it with sautéed sweet potatoes and an egg on top for breakfast.

The options are endless... but you'll see why you will be making it weekly.

Cooking with sister in law Taylor and my chef-ly son.

How is it possible that this little angelic Pork Butt turned 1?!
Okay, Instant Potters!  Run!  Go now!  Make this tonight!

Happy New Year!

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