Thursday, May 11, 2017

Easy Morning Egg Muffins

Oh life.  Life has been busy lately!  So I feel this post is appropriate.

This is one of my "clear out the fridge" recipes.  One of those "hurry and throw it in before it goes to waste" meals.  You know, the "leftovers from my kid's plates plus eggs" kind of dish?  You get the idea...

Mornings are not easy.  And, I'm a morning person!  But with a baby and a 4 year old, sometimes I feel like Father Von Trap with my whistle, shouting commands, following a schedule and checking the clock every 15 minutes to make sure we are going to make the most of our day.  We're just not the laze around type.

And we LOVE breakfast.  But sometimes, you're on the run and you want some quick protein.  These muffins bring it.  And they freeze well!  You can add any veggie, cheese, green or grain.  I love quinoa in these because it really fills you with some great nutrients and creates a nice little base for the muffin.


Then... my trick is this- fill as many tins with as much ingredients as you'd like.  This may vary depending on the amount of stuff you have.  Just don't go to the brim.  Then do a little less than 1 egg per tin in the scramble.  I did 18 tins and used 11 eggs.  You scramble them up and divvy it up.  

Do the heavier ingredients on the bottom and the lighter on top.  You might have to fold or tuck your greens in.  Cheese goes on top and please, PLEASE don't forget to salt and pepper after pouring the egg mixture over everything.

This version was for friends- topped with goat cheese.  These are great to bring a new mom with a baby!  Eggs can be eaten any time of day, and they are easily consumed with one hand! 

Hubby and son's version had cheddar on top.  Mine were cheeseless as I'm in the midst of eliminating dairy completely (and soon to be other things) to help combat my little one's skin issues.  She's worth every meal, and is so scrumptious, I could eat her up.  But the sacrifice is real, people.  I miss my crumbled goat cheese!

Bake at 350 for 20 min.  Use a knife to scrape around the edges once cooled a few minutes, and a fork to pop them out!

These do NOT disappoint!  Enjoy your tomorrow morning!


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    1. Indeed! We will have to have a breakfast date once you guys move here!

  2. I just made these! They were so good and so helpful for on the go breakfasts.

    1. So glad you enjoyed! Anything to keep the morning easier!