Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dining Out: Red Hills Market, Dundee OR

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Spring air flowed from the front door because the people kept coming.  A line at a small town deli?  Fancy wine types and families alike waiting patiently to order their lunch.  Wine, artisan gifts, hustling workers who looked like they cared about the food they are handling.  The sound of clinking of mason jars being set out for those breaking from wine.  The whole scene was intriguing.

Good thing the line was long, I needed time to decide on such an inviting menu.  Red Hills Market not only prided themselves in fresh and local ingredients, but the local farmers and wine makers actually choose to eat there.  "FarmER to table" if you will.  Named after the rich red clay soil the Dundee Hills are known for, great for growing Pinot Noir grapes and other vegetation.  I decided on the open-faced roast beef as well as their soup of the day.

Superb.  Most of their sandwiches are open-face.  Lovely meat.  Perfect aioli.  Love the char.
Outside seating was readily available.  Kids played in the bocce ball court.  You could smell the FRESH coming off the plates that passed by.  The veggie plate smelled like veggies are supposed to smell- that garden aroma of soil and growth.  And anything hot carried with it the smell of the wood-burning oven it had just left.

We came back the following weekend for more Dundee adventuring and more RHM feasting.  This time we upped the ante.  The Roast Beef Sandwich (as good as the first time) and the Jamaican Spicy Chicken Pizza.

We couldn't help but notice all the Tiramisu that was coming out of the kitchen and on to tables.  Nearly EVERY table was ordering it.  We grabbed a young guy in a Giants hat who was one of these Tiramisu runners.

"Hey man, what's the deal with the Tiramisu?  Is it really that good?"

"Heck yes it is. Can I bring you a slice?" he said, as he lifted his ball cap to address us. "Our pastry chef gets 'em out and they sell like hot cakes.  They will literally be gone in a few hours."

"Na, it's OK, we've already ordered."

"No, it's on the house, I'm the manager," he said with a boyish grin.

"Well in that case, we'd LOVE one!"  This is the moment that Chris leans in and says "see, it never hurts to ask."  I've always said, I'll never go hungry being married to that man.

Thank you Josh for such a delicious treat!

Indeed, it did not disappoint.  Perfect amount of liquor flavors, creaminess, and that lovely dusting of cocoa on top.

It's the perfect lunch spot on an afternoon of wine-tasting.  I'm tempted to make it three weekends in a row.

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  1. I LOVE that we came with you the FIRST time! Great eating experience! Arugula on the pizza??!!! yes!!! I had it in Rome like that!