Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dining Out: Screen Door, Portland OR

Don't write me off just because I've never lived in the South.  I still know good food.  And Portland's version of Southern flair wowed our socks off.

Can you say Chicken and Waffles?
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Screen Door always had a line.  We kind of avoided it for a while.  Until we realized every place that serves good breakfast in Portland has a line.

Our fabulous food critics flew in from Cali (Whit and Jeff)

Screen Door is located right on Burnside.  For you non-Portlanders, this is the street that conveniently divides North and South in Portland.

After about an hour wait, we we were seated outside.  So cute.

Very homey feel and hospitable service... just like the South.

The open kitchen style made you feel like you were apart of the meal.

Brunch and Dinner served daily.

I had to look for it, but I found the mascot: The Screen Door.  Humble, chipped, and stashed in the back.  Who knows the stories this thing holds.  I like to think it once swung open to welcome hungry guests in the home of a fabulous self-taught cook.

Hallways littered with awards and write-ups, but the food spoke for itself.

Breakfast Po' Boy
Cajun Scramble with Grits and Biscuit 
Bananas Foster French Toast (I thought I'd died and gone to heaven).
Fried Chicken (EXCELLENT!) and Sweet Potato Waffle.
We were convinced after the first bite.  And for that matter, the last bite as well.  The only thing left to take home was some of the fried chicken (total of three breasts on that waffle!), and we fought over the left overs later.

If you haven't been, shame on you.  Let's fix that.


  1. i've been there for dinner twice and loved it! so much food. and so good. it is worth the wait. something about the Southern cookin'!