Friday, October 15, 2010


So many times I have torn out a recipe from a magazine… sometimes ashamedly in secret- like at the gym, or the doctor’s office- something I simply could not live without.  When I’m home, there is the “maybe this week” pile, the “next time we have company” pile, the “when I find extra money to buy these cool ingredients that I’ll only use once” pile… granted, I’m rather organized, but there is still chaos.

Then about every couple weeks (sometimes it’s longer for some of us… no judgment), I go through the piles that have lost their name (see above paragraph).  They get the look over, and few make the cut.  But this one just seemed easy and it was nearing the end of peach season so off I went to the kitchen.

I love when there’s a picture.  Being a visual learner, I need an end goal.  I guess that’s why I love food blogs.  It really is all about the pictures.  ***This is where I apologize for my amateur ones, but thank you for following nonetheless.***


1 cup couscous (cook according to instructions on box)
1 tbs olive oil
2-4 bone in pork chops
2 peaches, cut into wedges
½ red onion, cut into thin wedges
3 tbs white wine vinegar
¼ cup fresh basal leaves, rough chop
*(Recipe tweaked, but inspired from REAL SIMPLE Magazine, Aug 2010)

I bought some thick, bone in pork chops.  Patted them dry, seasoned well with salt and pepper.  Turned my oven on to 350.  In a medium/high heat pan I seared both sides about 2-3 minutes for some good searing color- this is SO key to any meat.

Love that color! 

A juicy peach is just about one of the most happiest foods to me.
Removing them from the pan, I added two peaches sliced, ½ red onion (original recipe called for whole thing- ½ was plenty), white wine vinegar to deglaze all the pork bits, and more salt and pepper.


Chris gasped at this “you’re seasoning the peaches?!”  I assured him, it would bring out their savory flavor.

I tossed them a bit (a minute or two) then put the chops back on top, popping the whole thing into the oven for 8-10min, depending on thickness of chop (mine were at least 1 inch thick- 8 min was perfect). 

My finished product.
REAL SIMPLE recipe add that got me drooling...

After removing from oven, I topped it off with fresh basil.  I served it with couscous.  Chris is still deciding on the couscous (I switched it up on him), but as for the Pork-n- Peaches: it was simply a savory hit!


  1. Noelle...that tear out the recipe from a magazine trait you have...came from me. I still do that!!!

  2. Look at that nice sear! Pork and fruit go so well together. Fresh basil would be most excellent as a garnish. My husband doesn't like couscous, either. Must be a guy thing, cuz I love it!

    this pork and peaches looks and sounds fabulous!!
    what an inspiration! keep posting I am loving these recipes!

  4. Missed this one the first time around--looks yummy. No apologizing for your pics--only you and Ansel Adams know they're not necessarily professional level. :)

    Am printing this for John to try soon--he's the pork chop chef at our house.