Monday, September 13, 2010

The VooDoo Experience

We drove by yesterday around noon to spot the suspect.  Shades on.  13 mph.  Target spotted.  Line out the door.  Line around the corner.  Couldn’t see the end of the line.  But at least we had a sighting.  This thing was for real.

So back we went today.  10am on a Monday.  A surprise attack, I’m sure.  Still a line.  But an end in sight.  Now for parking.  I swear the one way streets switch directions once you turn the corner.  It’s as though you literally can’t get to it, it’s a game.  It’s VooDoo!

Once in line, I snap a few pics.   I’m slightly embarrassed any time I’m the obvious newbie surrounded by “Weird Portland Locals” who are just gettin’ their usual breakfast.   I must have made some of the posers feel better about themselves because about four other cameras emerged proudly while our tummies growled in unison.

Across the street we were reminded where we were.  And what was about to take place.

The girl in front of us was a local who feasted on their Vegan spread.  This was of ZERO interest to my animal fat eating escorts (Chris and Taylor).  Then she mentioned the Bacon Maple Bar.  The guys were suddenly interested.  They begged her to go on.  She teared up as she described it, referring to the bacon as “from the poor little guy who had to suffer on their account”... OK… she didn’t, but the Vegans around here are a very dedicated bunch. J

Then there was the guy behind us.  Chris was speaking aloud his hesitation to try a particular donut.  “Gotta try everything once.  Otherwise you’ll regret it forever” –Wisdom from our bearded Harley riding friend who drove all the way from Santa Cruz, CA for this place.  He was planning on coming home with a t-shirt.  My favorite character was a tattooed 60 year old smiler who kept making an appearance from behind the kitchen to do a little hip dance to the funky grooves filling the room.

So we made it out alive with some classics as well as the Bacon Maple Bar (not bitz, but SLABS of bacon), The Portland Cream (think Boston Cream, but west coast style) and The Dirty Bastard (raised donut drizzled with chocolate, peanut butter and Oreos).

The VooDoo experience didn’t end until AFTER we crossed the Burnside Bridge.  We were trapped with Inception before us, as though the little Donut shop didn’t want us to leave West Portland.

While our adventure was over, and the pink box was empty- something inside us begged us to return again.  And, we probably will.


  1. It's so fun to try a legendary place, where lines are long and the dishes are, perhaps, folklore. That bacon maple bar would intrigue my husband. I was just telling my girlfriend that I can't wrap my palate around eating a sweet treat with bacon in it. Then again, maple and bacon are a great pairing! It takes a lot for me to stand in a long line to try a place. It sounds like you had a fun adventure. So, which one did you like best?

    PS: the fork in my picture comes from one of my favorite food photo prop stores-- World Market.

  2. omg, ive heard about this place Wello! i want to go so so bad, we have to go when i come visit you! Ahh, the taste and smell of jealousy surrounds my apt. on this day! :)

  3. Grant: love it.

    Debby: LOVE World Market. I get in trouble there. Bacon Maple probably takes the cake! I mean doughnut.

  4. Noelle- You liked the Bacon Maple? That one would make me a bit hesitant, but then again, i prefer chocolate doughnuts to maple any day. This place looks like it was a great place to check out! Hopefully we can go when I come for a visit! Love that you're staying up on your blog- keep going! Fun to read! :)

    P.S. I know it says this post is from Mel, but it's from me (Britt.) Not sure what happened.